Sunday, November 23, 2008

Knights Knights and Knights

knights are here
knights are there
knights are nearly everywhere
knights are tall
knights are small
knights are big
knights are skinny
knights fight for us
knights fight for the king
knights are brave
knights are bold
knights kill vermin by the hundred

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Tim and Anne said...

Have you ever seen the book, 'A Tolkien Bestiary,' by David Day? It's a great reference guide for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's, 'The Hobbit'and 'Lord Of The Rings.'It has beasts, monsters, fauna, and flora of lush fantasy worlds of the Middle-Earth and the Undying Lands in more that 100 black-and-white illustrations. There are 36 full color paintings. It also has a chronology of all the historical ages. There is a general index, genealogies of the races of men, maps, and a special index referring to Tolkien's original works. Isn't that cool? Do you think somebody on e-bay would have it? Sound cools doesn't it?