Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tom and John's Adventures

"Mum, mum, when are we leaving to the new house?"
After I feed the baby John."

When we got there I saw a big mansion. I grabbed my bag and ran to the mansion. Dad opened the door; I ran upstairs, I ran down the hall, I opened the last door on my right. I saw a bed in the corner to my right, a desk to my left and a bookcase in between. A small lounge beside the bookcase, and a window above the desk and a closet behind the door. Tom's room was beside mine.

The next day when I was getting dressed I stumbled and fell into the closet and found myself in Tom's room. Tom was sleeping, I ran to Tom, "Tom, Tom wake up."
Tom jumped out of bed onto the floor. "What is it?" said Tom.
"I found a secret passage from my room to your room through the closet, don't tell mum and dad"

Ding, ding! "Breakfast" called mum.
We ran downstairs.
"Bacon and eggs." said dad. We sat down mum brought toast to the table.
"Mum, can Tom and I go to the bush?"
“Yes” said mum “But put your boots on.”
“Okay” We ran upstairs to put our boots on.


As we were walking a wild dog ran after a rabbit straight towards us. We knew what to do. We started to climb a tree with a rotten branch that hung over the road.
When the wild dog came we pushed the rotten branches, “Snap!” the branch fell onto the wild dog, the wild dog fell down dead. We jumped out of the tree and caught the rabbit and put it on a green filed and went on.

We came to a pile of tin.
I reckoned “We could use this for a cubby.”
“Let’s go find a good spot for a cubby?”
We soon came to a good spot for the cubby there were six trees. Two trees were well spaced for a door, four trees were well spaced for the walls.
“Let’s start walking” and we began. Tom searched for wire while I got the tin. I brought two sheets of tin back. Tom found six rolls of wire, he brought them back.

Tom started building while I got more tin. Tom put up a wall made out of logs. I found a muddy spot near the cubby, we could use the mud to insulate the walls, soon we got the walls up then Mum called. “Tea”
We put the tin down and ran back home to tea.

At tea we talked about the cubby, “We should leave first thing in the morning.”
The cubby
It was morning time, we jumped out of bed and tip-toed down the stairs. I went to Mum’s room and left a note and Tom got food. We grabbed the bag and went.

As we went past the wild dog Tom said “Let’s skin the wild dog and put it on the cubby wall.”
“Good idea,” We started to carry the wild dog to the cubby.

When we got there I said “I get the teeth”
“I get the back bone” said Tom
“I get the leg bones” said John.

I started to get mud. Tom started to skin the wild dog. Soon Tom finished, and then he started to build the roof. When I finished, I started to build the roof.
Then roof was finished. We started to eat.

I said we better make furniture. Tom was building a lounge, I was building a table.
“I’m finished” said Tom. We took the furniture into the cubby, the lounge was made out of logs and shredded vine for rope. Tom found a perfect rock for a hammer and a pointed rock for a chisel. He started to make a cupboard, when I finished Tom had finished the furniture. We had a rest than we ate lunch.

To Be Continued

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