Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The White Bengel Tiger

1. Bengal tigers are more numerous in population than any other tiger subspecies.
2. They used to be killed as a sport carried out by Indian and British royalties. Their number declined at a fast rate.
3. They are one of the only two species of cats that like water.
4. At full running speed they reach up to 60 kilometers per hour. They do not possess great stamina.
5. The ability of big cats to roar is related to the arrangement of bones under the tongue.
6. Also the stripes on its body helps its ability to hide in the tall grass and trees.
7. Bengal tigers are very patient, it watches its prey and waits till the right time to make its move. It has very strong jaws; it catches the prey by its neck and the strong jaws and teeth help him to kill its prey.
8. Bengal tigers have a strong sense of smell. They also have great vision which helps them to hunt during the night time.
9. Bengal tigers can also swim and move quite swiftly in the water. They have the ability to shed or grow body hair.
10. Tigers lead solitary lives, and the courtship period, and association between mother and cub is their only interaction and association.
11. Tigers are entirely different in their hunting habits from lions, and hence they are mutually exclusive in their distribution.
12. Tigers rest during the day in the shade, and begin to hunt for food at dusk. They have keen eye sights and a sharp hearing that helps them stalk their prey.
13. Tiger killings are split second affairs where the prey hardly has any chance of survival. Its formidable and retractile claws play a significant role in capturing and holding on to its prey.
14. Tigresses are devoted mothers who are very protective of their cubs. They look after their young till they are about two and a half years old.

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