Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Diamond Sword

“King Barthtin the goblins are approaching the northern ridge.”
“Joharne, my son, take Elendel and Difrwin and go help our friends.”
Meanwhile at the northern ridge the goblins had already launched the assault. Joharne, Elendel and Difrwin got there at the same time as three trolls. Elendel shot an arrow from his bow, it struck the inside of the troll’s mouth, and the troll fell to the ground, dead. Joharne drew his long golden sword and jumped on a troll and stabbed his sword in to the troll’s head. The troll knocked Joharne to the ground, he jumped back up and plunged his sword in the troll’s heart, and the troll fell to the ground, dead; taking three goblins with him. Difrwin hurled his throwing axe at a troll, it hit the troll’s eye the troll went berserk, he killed six goblins, then fell to the ground dead taking two more with him. Joharne swung his golden sword cutting a goblin in two. Then a volley of arrows killed the rest. “The rangers have saved us!”

To Be continued


Vellvin said...

Cool Chapter Gimli.

Anna Maria said...

That's great beginning Gimli! I can hardly wait for the next chapter!

Legolas said...

It's really interesting I'm looking forward to more

Halt said...

very interesting but did you not write to be continued