Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Favourite spot

I love to sit under the Ironbark tree.
Where the leaves flitter in the breeze.
Where the sparrow darts this way and that.
Where the cool ripples from a lily pad
quietly break on the muddy bank.
Where The sound of a Kookaburra, echos through the morning air.
Where you can hear the snapping of a twig, as a kangaroo bounds this way and that.
Where you can hear he sound of a black swan, as it beats it's wings on the gleaming water.
Where you can hear the sound of a cricket, as it jumps from grass stem to grass stem.
Where you can hear the soft sound of a cow chewing, the dewy grass.


From the Shack said...

Thumbs up! I am really impressed, you are doing some great work, keep it up!

Gae said...

Well done
Great Australina Poem
God Bless

Anna Maria said...

Great Poem Gimli! Well done!

Halt said...

very good Gimli great poem