Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Memorable Plane Trip

It was Tuesday I was pulling up at the airport. I went to my seat the plane took off. 20 minutes later I looked out of my window to see fins slicing though the blue depth of the Indian ocean. The captain called all crew members to the cockpit.

Then I heard a strange coughing sound I looked around, I saw no one coughing. I looked back out my window to see the source of the sound, the left engine was smoking badly then the waitress passed around life jackets and parachutes. I was eighth to take to the sky it was pretty cool but then my worst fears came reality the fins I saw earlier were not of dolphins but of killer whales.
Killer Whale jumping out from water Stock Photo
The first person to jump never touched water one after another, man and woman were ripped apart. A man a little bit lower then me was grabbed out of mid air. I watched in horror as a leg bobbed to the surface. Now it was my turn, then a killer whale leapt into the air and swallowed me whole, then everything went black. To be continued.......

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