Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aroora the Kangaroo - Leslie Rees

Aroora the Kangaroo was an orphan. He was washed away in a flood and a missionary got him out of the flood and took him back to the mission. The missionary lived with some Aborigines, when he got back there all the children said, “ Ara, good to eat. Good dinner.”
The missionary said, “No let’s keep him as a pet.”
But one of the boys really wanted to eat the kangaroo.

One night the boy took Aroora out of the pen, tied him up and took him where somebody could not see him. He wanted to kill and eat him. Aroora escaped and went back to Merloo, his wife.

The next year there was no rain, Merloo died because she didn’t have enough food.

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Tim and Anne said...

That was a sad story, especially if they had children. What do you think about all the kangaroos in the country, especially out west? They probably don't like all the people taking over their country, eh?