Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In Pompeii there was a mountain called Vesuvius. Nobody knew it was a volcano.

It was a fine day, when black smoke started to come out of the mountain, half an hour later ash fell. People started to collect their belongings and possessions, some people had almost escaped and then they came back to get their possessions. Many people were buried alive under the ash, some died from the poisonous gases.

A family in a big boat sailed to another island. A boy on the island saw what happened, his name was Pliny, he wrote about Pompeii, which is why we know about it today.

A few thousands years later people went back to live on Pompeii. People read Pliny’s letters, then people started to dig for water, soon they found a stone saying Pompeii, Was this the town Pliny wrote about? ‘Yes! It was.” Then archaeologists came and found fossilized people, dogs, jewelry, pottery and many other artifacts. Today Pompeii is like a muesuem without a roof. The archaeologists need more money to stop Pompeii from being destroyed by the weather and vandals.

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Tim and Anne said...

Weren't we lucky Pliny was born? Without that boy, we wouldn't know such an exciting part of history. I remember how amazed I was as a little girl when I read that story. It stays in your mind doesn't it? To think they have been able to work out what the people were eating, all those years ago, from their stomach contents. And those babies have been frozen, right in the middle of crying for centuries... Just think if Ignatius was stuck in that spot of centuries. He sure would be tired. Good job, Bush Boy