Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Russ the Tree Kangaroo

Russ was a tree kangaroo who lived in the rainforest. Some aboriginals came to where Russ lived with some spears and nulla nullas and two trained dingos. Three aboriginals climbed the trees and two stayed on the ground. One climbed up the tree Russ was in, another climbed a tree nearby, another climbed another tree nearby. Russ told the other tree kangaroos to go to the top branch and escape. Russ’ father Zig-Zag was so old that he fell behind and the aboriginals caught up to him and whacked him with a nulla nulla, he fell to the ground to the waiting dingoes.

Then the aboriginal kept climbing, he was on the branch where the rest of the tree kangaroos were, then Scamper, Russ’s best friend, decided to jump. What Scamper didn’t know was another aboriginal was waiting in the tree he was jumping too. Scamper was speared and killed.

Then Russ jumped to another tree making a sign to tell the others to follow. He was forty feet away on an open branch when the aboriginal saw him, he hurled his nulla nulla at Russ and it struck him. Russ fell to a lower branch and then another and then he jumped to the ground and raced away with the dingoes chasing him. Russ dived underneath a Stinging Tree the dingoes went through the Tree and were blinded. The aboriginals and got the dingoes out. Russ escaped.

The tree kangaroos migrated to another home and Russ had many more joeys.

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Tim and Anne said...

This is a great story for a cartoon. If you ever go into animation Bush Boy, you could save this in your portfolio and show the world the antics of our Aussie animals. I love Scamper as a name. Well done. Marnie