Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Gorge

Yesterday we went to the Gorge. We left at 9.00am, we got to the Langfords in time to leave for the Gorge. We drove for half an hour then we stopped for fuel and the shop keeper was not there. We waited for a hour finally the man came then Dad filled the car up

We had to go on a rotten bridge and dirt roads and cattle grids, we saw a snake. Finally we arrived. Then the owner of the property told us he would pick us up in a boat and take us near the waterfall. Then we had to walk the rest of the way.


The Aussie Bush Kids said...

Well done exllent.

The Aussie Bush Kids said...

The best

The Aussie Bush Kids said...

Perfect story! I just lived the day again.
You summed it up excellently.


Tim and Anne said...

How did you know the shop keeper was going to come? You might still be there waiting for him. Your Dad showed a lot of faith. What was the name of this Gorge. It sounds delightful. Was that a photograph from the day and did you swim when you got there? Wish I had been with you. Marnie