Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Types of Kangaroos

The Eastern Gray Kangaroo.
The Western Gray.
The Red Kangaroo.
The Wallaroo and the Antilopihe Wallaroo.
Tree Kangaroo.


The Aussie Bush Kids said...

I loved all the different kangaroos.

But I just wanted to know are there any more, or is that the lot?

Your biggest Sister Koala

Tim and Anne said...

Did you know that there are 63 species of kangaroos including Wallaroos, Pademelons (always make me think of watermelons) and Quokkas? Did you hear about that lady in Grafton? She lived right in town and was putting her garbage bin out one night, when a full grown male kangaroo came out of nowhere and attacked her. Only for the fact that her next door neighbour heard her screaming and came to her rescue, she might be dead. He was vicious and ripped her up with his claws. Then he attacked the gentleman, who fought him off with the garbage bin. Wonder if he threw garbage at him as he ran off, lol. Marnie